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Stop getting Rekt  and get unRekt

Ready to thrive as a trader? Everything you need is right here on our platform, designed to propel you towards consistent profitability!

We've dedicated ourselves to exploring diverse trading resources, learning from our experiences, and perfecting strategies. Our goal is crystal clear: to empower you with reliable trading insights and the confidence to conquer the markets through independent chart analysis.

'Let's turn your trading journey into a success story!'

Get unRekt Elevate Your Trading!

  • Gain complete access to our Discord community.

  • Full access to the powerful unRekt indicators.

  • Utilize the Nexus Screener.

  • Live streams focusing on significant candle opens – weekly, monthly, yearly.

  • Weekly AMA sessions covering technical analysis, charts, indicators, and Q&A.

  • Regular chart updates.

  • Comprehensive tutorials on price action, indicator utilization, leveraging the screener and more.

The Machine Suite - comprises four indicators that gauge volatility, direction, and trend. When combined, these indicators automatically generate support and resistance levels, along with target levels. Gain insights into potential price movements and precise target levels, enhancing your understanding of price boundaries.

The Nexus - One of the only leading indicators using price action to establish pivots across multiple periods.. Effortlessly identify trends, bullish or bearish cycles, and probable direction of an asset with target levels to watch. Integral to our grid bot strategy and the Nexus Screener is derived from it to find higher percentage trades.

The Nexus Screener - utilizes API data derived from the Nexus indicator, translating it into comprehensive information presented in a user-friendly format. Effortlessly view multiple assets across different period cycles, pinpointing potential price directions towards pivotal points. Simplify your grid bot setup, utilizing higher target percentages for well-informed decision-making.

Join our vibrant, professional community of individuals united by shared interests in learning and personal growth. Engage with like-minded peers, drawing inspiration from their experiences, and enjoy direct interactions with our knowledgeable team.


Get access to a weekly report covering the Bitcoin open, empowering you with crucial insights into the market's trends and developments


Stay informed with the news channel, ensuring you're always up-to-date on market movements and trends.

Unlock three potent indicators for free: the unRekt overlay, the unRekt oscillator, and the Dogs of War. Just click the button above, complete a quick form, and we'll configure these indicators for your TradingView account.

Stay tuned for tutorials on how to effectively leverage these tools in our Discord channel!


  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    • Access to all Indicators
    • Access to the Nexus Screener
    • Access to Discord Community
    • Weekly+ Discord Livestreams
  • Bi-Annual Plan

    Every 6 months
    • All Options of Monthly Plan
    • 25% Off Monthly Plan
    • $68 a month
  • Yearly Plan

    Every year
    • All Options of Monthly Plan
    • 50% Off Monthly Subscription
    • $47 a Month

Billing - Continuous Service. Subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled. All prices in USD


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology allowing individuals to move away from traditional payment forms. unRekt recognizes the importance of this and provides the ability to make payments using cryptocurrencies.

Clicking the Discord logo below directs you to our server, placing you in a waiting room. Once there, select the
to Pay by Crypto' option to initiate contact and gain full access to our services.

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